Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines day is 3 days away!

My boyfriend and I decided to attempt a no spend challenge for February. We forgot to consider the fact that we were going to Toronto for the first weekend, in a Pond Hockey Tournament the second, celebrating Valentine’s Day the third and our anniversary the fourth weekend… Needless to say, the challenge has failed. But in an attempt to save money we have agreed to give each other handmade gifts for Valentines Day (and perhaps attempt the no spend challenge in March?) So obviously I had to spend hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect Valentines DIY project… I found 4 that I think he will love!

He is a four-cups-a-day tea drinker so these heart shaped tea bags are perfect!


We both have completely opposite schedules so organizing a date night is kind of difficult.

This will help us plan in advance…


Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy on Valentine’s Day?


I’m kind of obsessed with the Rainbow Loom so this is more of an excuse for me to steal my little cousins.

Loom Band Printable Round Valentines

¬†Click on the photos to visit the websites and see the full instructions for each and check out my Pinterest board for some more Valentines’s Day DIY ideas!

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